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CUES Online University, Powered by TRC Interactive, offers compliance and front-line training—including fraud prevention—at a very low cost.

Give your staff the tools and training they need to succeed while saving your credit union money. Whether you want straight off-the-shelf training or something customized just for you, CUES Online University provides convenient and consistent development to improve your staff’s performance.

Why Choose CUES Online University?

CUES Online University’s benefits include:

  • Affordable solution to meet regulator-required training; a team of compliance experts continuously review and update courses.
  • Convenient and easy-to-use reporting with full LMS and tracking capabilities—assign courses and due dates; filter reports by learner, course, dates, and more!
  • The ability to set a limit on the number of attempts a learner has to pass the exam, opening the door for training opportunities should the learner need extra coaching.
  • Improved information retention through proven adult learning principles and interactive learning experiences.

Help your staff confidently do their job with training from CUES. Courses are developed with the learner in mind and are delivered in bite-sized pieces to help your staff retain what they've learned. Animations and quizzes keep learning interactive. The extensive course library offers a cost-effective way to meet NCUA-required compliance training and to keep staff up to date on hot topics, including:

  • Compliance
  • Board of Director Training
  • Lending
  • Management
  • New Accounts/Sales
  • Products and Services
  • Teller Training

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Number of Locations United States
1 $1,559
2 $1,693
3 $1,828
4 $1,962
5 $2,096
6 $2,231
7 $2,365
8 $2,499
9 $2,634
10 $2,768
11 $2,903
12 $3,037
13 $3,171
14 $3,306
15 $3,440
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