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Turn your election stress into success with CUES eVote, the highly secure, easy-to-use online electronic voting and survey solution that includes: 

  • Hybrid elections—choose paper, phone or online balloting
  • Customization based on your bylaws, timeline and needs 
  • The option to set your election up in advance, and execute only if needed 
  • A state-of-the-art platform including candidate rotation and voting confirmation certificates
  • Access to voter behavior and turnout trends, and targeted “get-out-the-vote” campaigns
  • Increased security options, including synchronized vote tallying to ensure one vote per member
  • Concierge service—staff and member questions are handled by CUES’ courteous and knowledgeable staff
  • Guaranteed confidentiality & mobile compatibility
  • A unique director education feature 

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Get Tips for a Successful Election!

With 19 years of experience and 375 elections under our belt, CUES eVote is excited to share our expertise with you. Uncover three important tips on holding a safe, secure, and successful online board election when you download Three Steps to a Successful Election today. 

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Why Choose CUES eVote?

When you're deciding on an online election or survey provider, it's important to closely consider your options. Here are some questions you should be asking, and reasons why you should turn to CUES eVote.

CUES eVote includes full service concierge service! CUES’ election coordinator is just a phone call away, ready to personally help you through the entire process.

Be sure to ask about our new, budget-friendly self-administered option for online voting! You design the ballots, send out emails and gather results, but use CUES eVote's secure platform. It's the best of all worlds—convenient online elections AND security.

Yes, by putting CUES eVote on retainer! The flexibility of CUES eVote means you can set your vote or survey up in advance, and execute it only if needed. CUES can complete the following steps, then wait for your go-ahead:

  • Develop a customized vote, time line and secure login process
  • Set up and review the trial voter list
  • Set up and test the voting site

The best part is, if you do need your vote, the set-up fee goes toward the cost of the full-service election.

Yes, and yes! Our partner, eBallot, has delivered more than 32,000 online ballots and served over 17.3 million voters worldwide since 2001. All voters get an electronic receipt, and eBallot ensures the integrity of your election with enhanced security features.

eBallot has helpful data on voter turnout, and tips to get members involved in your election.

Once you have your board established, turn to these director educational resources, included with CUES eVote:

  • Online training courses
  • An online discussion and Q&A forum
  • A subscription to the award-wining Credit Union Management™ magazine
  • Discounted in-person educational opportunities
  • A library of documents provided by peers to save board members time
Taras Nohas, CCD
Vice President Strategy and Governance
Servus Credit Union
asset size — $14 billion
Our organization worked with the CUES eVote team on our Board of Director elections again this year and we are very pleased. The CUES team is knowledgeable and responsive and willing to work closely with our credit union to help make the election process go as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. Transparency, accountability and responsiveness are key and CUES delivers. I would highly recommend CUES eVote to others.

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